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Testimonials 2020

When I first joined Mr Loi's class at the end of sec 3, I was getting consistent F9s/20% in Additional Mathematics and C6 in Mathematics. I was hesitant to join as I had lost hope for the two subjects, considering that I had less than a year left to my O level Examination. However, under Mr Loi's careful guidance, I was able to strengthen my mathematics foundation as well as improve my techniques to strive towards excellence! He was very detailed-oriented when providing explanations and the notes he gave were very useful during practices. He also provided unique tips and tricks to help us digest difficult questions and concepts. He is extremely patient with his students and a very thoughtful teacher. Without his guidance, I would not have been able to jump 8 grades and get an A1 in AMath during my O levels!

Thank You Mr Loi!

Rebecca Kyi Thanthor

Formerly from Queensway Secondary School

I entered Mr Loi’s class when I was in secondary one and I have never regretted my decision. A teacher who is passionate in his field, you can have confidence in Mr Loi. I came in with a very bad math foundation and couldn’t even understand basic algebra. However with Mr Loi’s concise and unique explanations, I was able to understand the concepts quickly without much struggle. Mr Loi isn’t the type of teacher who would spoon-feed you answers when you get a question wrong. Instead, he lets you analyse your mistakes and think where went wrong so that you will learn from your mistakes. The analytical and critical thinking skills that are instilled in you is very helpful and can be applied into your daily life. Although Mr Loi is strict, he genuinely cares for his students. He does all he can to teach his students well and expects the best from us. His care for his students is reflected by our improvements. Mr Loi is also a very good life teacher. He gave me lots of advice that guided me when I was lost. All in all, I would consider Mr Loi as a mentor. He is absolutely an outstanding teacher who you would greatly respect. Without him, I wouldn't love Mathematics, let alone do well in it. Thank you Mr Loi!

Genevieve Peh Xin Ying

Formerly from Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School

When I joined Mr Loi class back in sec 2, I was constantly failing my math. It was always either a D7 or E8, I just couldn't solve the questions. however, Mr Loi managed to rebuild my foundation in maths, making it strong before teaching me the harder concepts such that I would be able to grasp it better in sec 3.This really pushed up my grades from an D7 in sec 2 to an A1 by sec 3. Even so, he would always push me to my fullest potential  and constantly correct my methods so as to solve the questions more easily. He is also a very dedicated teacher who always makes sure that we understand each topic very well before moving on thus when faced with difficult questions, we are able to solve them. through his lessons, I slowly learn to love doing maths:) without his guidance, I would not have been able to score an A1 for amaths and A2 for emaths for O levels!

Janice Shee

Formerly from Zhonghua Secondary School

I started attending Mr Loi lessons in 2017 when i was sec 1,as I was having great difficulty with my algebra Mr Loi patiently and painstakingly made sure that my algebraic foundation was stable as it was very important especially in upper secondary. With this it boosted my confidence for maths, allowing me to achieve As for most of my subsequent tests and exams. While teaching me different topics for both Emath and Amath, Mr Loi was quick in identifying my weakness and would give me both advice as well as more practices to improve it. He would also give me challenging questions to widen my horizon of questions so I would be better prepared for exams if they ever do come out. Mr Loi would adjust to my learning needs which made learning effective and would incorporate short stories or his own learning experience which helped me either to remember the chronological order or a formulae more easily. To ensure that I don't fall short of reaching my capabilities, Mr Loi would not hesitate to not be strict with me.Thanks to Mr Loi I was able to achieve A1s for both my Emath and Amath for my N level exams, thank you Mr Loi.

Christine Tan

Nanyang Polytechnic

Formerly from CHIJ (Toa Payoh)

Testimonials 2019

Prior to attending math tuition by Mr Loi, I had been getting F9 for my additional mathematics in Sec 3. However, under the tutelage of Mr Loi, I was able to raise my grade to an A1 within a couple of months and even maintaining my As throughout my subsequent exams and tests, achieving A1 for both my A- & E-maths in O levels. Apart from just being an effective tutor, Mr Loi is also observant, effectively picking out my weaknesses and providing indispensable advice, allowing me to successfully conquer this subject. He is systematic in his teaching, ensuring that his students’ basics are in place before building on them and moving onto harder topics. This proved to be immensely helpful and as a result, I was able to easily grasp the more challenging topics. I believe that Mr Loi was key in helping me improve my mathematics and I will forever be grateful for his tutoring.

Claire Chu Xinyi

Hwa Chong Institution

Formerly from  Paya Lebar Methodist Girls School

I started lessons here in 2016 as a sec 1 student after my sister achieved great results in her O Levels as well. With Mr Loi’s tutoring, I excelled in both A and E.Math and have gotten an A1 grade in most if not all exams in my school. Mr Loi cares deeply for his students and would check up on me after my exams and also offer to go through my mistakes made in all my math papers. Mr Loi would also give his thoughts on me regularly, allowing me to have a grasp of my own weaknesses and strengths, giving me more practices on topics which I am not as proficient at. Because of the strong basics he imparted onto me, I have been selected to represent my school in many local competitions such as the Singapore Math Olympiad and achieved commendable results. Mr Loi places great emphasis on basics and having clear presentation, minimising the use of short-cuts and preparing me for math in JC. Thank you Mr Loi for helping me to achieve A1s in both my math papers during my O Levels.

Tan Wei Yong

Anglo Chinese Junior College

Formerly from Gan Eng Seng Secondary School


Testimonials 2018

I started attending Mr Loi’s tuition in the midst of Secondary 3. Prior to this, mathematics was a subject I struggled greatly with, and I would receive grades as low as E8 for exams. However, Mr Loi was able to bring my mathematics grades up to the A-range by the time I sat for my Secondary 3 EOYs, and these grades remained consistent throughout my Secondary 4 year. It is not enough to just say that Mr Loi helped my mathematics grades improve. Mr Loi is a dedicated teacher who fully commits to his teaching, who patiently takes the pains to rectify and obliterate any conceptual errors his students may have, no matter how insignificant they may seem. He does not only teach us mathematical concepts, but also makes sure that we are able to properly understand and apply these concepts on our own. He does not stop at just the bare minimum, but instead constantly challenges us so that we are prepared to handle more complicated or trickier questions. Mr Loi’s effective teaching methods are truly one-of-a-kind. Though he is strict, his genuine concern for his students and their improvements can be seen from how he goes the extra mile to restart from the basics when he realizes the loopholes in my mathematical understanding, to identify my potentially weaker math topics just by analysing the mistakes I make in another and making sure to focus on those topics, to make time for extra lessons before my exams, and more. All in all, I am very grateful to have a tuition teacher as dedicated and committed as Mr Loi. He possesses the qualities of an outstanding teacher that even some schoolteachers do not have. Because of Mr Loi, I have not only improved my mathematics grades, but have also grown to enjoy the subject and the challenges it brings.

Elizabeth Chee

Hwa Chong Institution

Formerly from Nanyang Girls High School

Mr Loi is a perfectionist who expects nothing less than the best from his students. I first joined his class in secondary 3 in a period where I was really struggling to cope with the demands of the subject. With his stern yet patient guidance, I was able to correct and strengthen my mathematical concepts, thus improving my grades. Mr Loi is superbly quick and accurate at identifying every individual student’s strengths and weaknesses in the subject, so he is able to aptly customize and adapt his style of teaching to different students. His tutoring is thorough, and he is careful to ensure that all the fundamentals of each topic are ingrained in our muscle memory before he allows us to attempt and progress to a higher level of difficulty. This is beneficial for us as it disallows us from wasting time struggling with higher-difficulty questions due to a weak foundation. In addition to Mr Loi’s natural gift for teaching effectively, he possesses an earnest and passionate attitude towards teaching. He does not hesitate to free up more time for us to attend extra lessons before the examinations, and provides plentiful resources and materials for us to revise and practice with. He keeps track of the dates of all our tests and examinations so as to ensure that we will be sufficiently prepared to the best of his and our ability. He analyses our results and our examination scripts, so as to identify our areas of strength and weakness, in order to help us further improve and not repeat our mistakes. I am deeply thankful for Mr Loi’s remarkable tutoring and guidance, for without him mathematics would have been a far more torturous subject.

Choo Hon Shien

Hwa Chong Institution

Prior to joining Mr Loi’s tuition, I was someone who detested doing anything even remotely related to Maths, and unsurprisingly never studied for Math tests or exams. My lack of knowledge, interest and passion in and for the subject could clearly be seen through the atrocious grades I continuously received in school, such as scoring a 27/100 for my Secondary 1 MYE (this was just one of the many failures I often got handed whenever I completed a Mathematics paper). It was at this point, in June of 2015, that my mother decided to sign me up for Mr Loi’s lessons after being introduced to him by her friend. Before attending his class, I found myself constantly contemplating to just “wing it” and give up on the subject once and for all, since I really did not enjoy it. However, the way Mr Loi teaches Maths is really effective, especially for someone who knew almost nothing about the subject and hated it (aka me), because he incorporates different examples and stories in his teaching while simultaneously relating it to Maths, hence enabling even a “layman” like me to understand it. Furthermore, he is nothing short of a strict teacher when he needs to be one, which is important in ensuring that I finish my assigned homework in preparation for the next lesson, reducing my chances of slacking and falling behind my peers. He also ensures to lay out a strong foundation right in the beginning, instead of jumping straight into throwing challenging questions at students, allowing adequate time for one to adjust and adapt to the intensity and rigour of the subject. From my Secondary 1 to 4 days, he is one of the main factors that shaped me to enjoy Mathematics as much as I do now; teaching me not only how to tackle tough and challenging questions but also invaluable life lessons. Thanks to his guidance and teachings, I went from being a constant E8/F9 student to being able to achieve Distinctions throughout my upper secondary years. If not for him, I’m 100% sure that I would have seen, at the very most, mid-range passes for both my A and E Maths on my O’s certificate. Thank you, Mr Loi!

Formerly from Crescent Girls' School

Mr Steven Loi is a respectable and skillful tutor. Though joining his class for just approximately eight months, my Additional Mathematics shows drastic improvement from F9 grade in school examinations to B3 in my O Level. Due to low confidence level in numerous failure, Mr Loi encourages and motivate me to continue on. He find different ways to help me understand the Mathematical concepts and took his effort to stay back late to tutor me. Although he is strict, he could communicate with his students well and gain both parents and students respect. He is a responsible and organized teacher who cares about his students. Mr Loi is definitely a tutor that could be trusted. Without his guidance, I would not have passed my Additional Mathematics. It is my fortune to have him as my Mathematics tutor. Thank you so much Mr Loi

Goh Xin Ru Selena

Formerly from Dunearn Secondary School 

Mr Loi is an exceptionally good teacher who understands each and every students' needs and adapts his teaching methods to suit each student. He pays attention to all student and ensures that all students understand each concept well. I joined Mr Loi's tuition just after Sec 2 as i was getting C6 in maths. After going for tuition for 2 years, i managed to improve tremendously and got an A1 in my O level maths.
Beatrice Tan
Formerly from Xin Min Secondary School

Testimonials 2017

I never enjoyed doing maths problem sums before attending Mr Loi's lessons because they were monotonous and tough. However, unlike most maths tutors, Mr Loi explains concepts slowly and clearly through the use of analogies and story telling so that it is easier to remember maths formulas and equations. After attending Mr Loi's maths lessons, I got to really understand the links between different topics in maths and how to apply these concepts in exams. I also came to comprehend the meaning behind the formulas that I had to memorise so that it is easier to remember. He does this because he teaches with the end goal in mind: that the concepts learnt are the foundation for maths at higher level. That is why he makes sure that our conceptual understanding is strong for our benefit in the long run. Besides this, he occasionally gives us life advise and cares for us as a whole. Mr Loi is a truly inspiring and motivating teacher, and I am very glad I got to attend his maths lessons.

Kimberly Tan

Nanyang Junior College

Mr Loi is a special teacher that explains new concepts in simple terms using short stories and analogies. In order to ensure that I fully understand the topic being taught, he goes the extra mile by explaining formulas while many teachers will just throw them at me to memorise. He never gives up, continuously prompting me so that I can improve myself. Mr Loi had helped correct bad habits formed and amended wrong understandings that would have been very detrimental. I thoroughly enjoy Mr Loi’s lessons and I would like to thank Mr Loi for guiding me through this journey leading up to the ‘O’ levels, helping me secure my A1 in both A and E Maths. Thank you, Mr Loi

Kimberly Tan

Nanyang Junior College

Formerly from Singapore Chinese Girls School

Mr Loi has been a very supportive and patient tuition teacher in the 3 years he's been teaching me. During the O-level period he helped to pull both my E and A maths from failures to A1s and during the recent A-level season, he constantly gave advice and even provided me extra hours of tuition when I wasn't coping well and I’m really grateful to him and glad to say that I got an A for my H2 Maths! I’ve come to like Math a lot more now under his tutorage, thanks so much Mr Loi! :)

Tan Qian Yong

Anglo Chinese Junior College

I am really thankful to Mr Loi for his guidance in both Emath and Amath. I started lessons around April or so of my Secondary Four year. I was really worried for my O's as I got F9s in both Maths at the time. However, Mr Loi was patient and was willing to cover from scratch all the topics which I was not familiar with. He is one of the best tutors I've ever had. Though strict, his ways of teaching are reliable and yield excellent results!
In just 6 months, Mr Loi managed to help me attain A1s in both Emath and Amath for my O's. I would never have made such an improvement without his help, thank you Mr Loi!
Tan Qian Yong
Anglo Chinese Junior College
Formerly from Commonwealth Secondary School

I came into Mr Loi’s tuition in secondary 3 with very low expectations for my O levels. I was unprepared for any tests that were given to me and I was failing my exams. However with Mr Loi’s guidance and support, I was able to remain focused and began to start to enjoy math. Mr Loi is one of the most caring and engaging tutors I have ever met; he puts his heart and effort into teaching his students and always wants to bring out the best for every one of us. For the past two years with Mr Loi, I have not only been able to succeed in obtaining my 2 A1s in mathematics and Additional mathematics but I have also felt that I had another family here at Mr Loi’s. I highly recommend Mr Loi as a tutor as he truly desires to bring out the very best in his students. He may seem strict at first but slowly you will start to see his desire for us to succeed which brings a sense of belonging for us. For that I am grateful. Thank You Mr Loi!

Nathan Wong

Anglo Chinese Junior College

Formerly from Anglo Chinese School (Barker)

Mr Loi has been a very fervent and effective teacher who puts in unstinting effort into nurturing me to be more proficient in my Maths. I remember when I stepped into my first tuition class with him in Secondary One, I still hated Maths. However, under his strict guidance, I learnt to be more independent in solving maths questions. Consequently, I came to appreciate the subject more and naturally my grades improved. Over time, mathematics seemed less daunting and fearful as he taught me methods to approach the subject from various angles. This in turn, caused my grades to improve from an average C to a consistent A, which I have been able to maintain throughout my 4 years in secondary school. Mr Loi is not only knowledgeable but is also passionate in teaching. He would review with me a certain concept until I am able to grasp it (with sufficient intervals for me to try out and reflect on it myself so that I can internalize the concept). He made sure I understood one topic before moving on to the next one. It is certainly my luck to have Mr Loi as my Math/AMath tutor. Brad Henry once said, “A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill a love of learning”, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Tan Jia Yuan

Saint Andrew's Junior College

Formerly from St Margaret's Secondary School 

Thank you Mr Loi for your stern but enthusiastic teaching style that never once wanted me to stop learning math and improving it. Many might wonder how I could hang on for the 2 years with his strict teaching style and he likes to joke about how I could tolerate it. It's not about how much I could tolerate but it's about how much effort Mr Loi put in. I came in the end of secondary 2 where I am horrible in math. In my alma mater (SJI), double math is compulsory. With my poor foundation in math, Mr Loi had to squeeze 4 years worth of teaching into 2 years. He didn't start immediately on the new topics, he instead worked on my basics which is algebra. I was puzzled because I'm behind of my school's cirriculum. We have been chasing the topics all along, without the strong foundation, it will be almost impossible to attempt the harder questions. Once again, I'm very thankful for his professionalism. Sad to say that I'm not a double A1 student but I made a huge improvement from a sub pass to getting an A1 for Emath and a B3 for Amath.

Ignatius Lek

Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Formerly from St. Joseph's Institution

Mr Loi is a dedicated and unique teacher. I first enrolled into his class at the end of secondary 1, and he trained my foundation allowing me to understand new concepts better. He uses analogies and real life situations to dumb down difficult concepts allowing students to better understand topics and key concepts. He also ensures that we understand new formulae by explaining them instead of just forcing us to memorise. Mr Loi further developed my love for math, always pushing me to do tougher questions to prepare me for all situations. Although he was strict and brutally honest, I thoroughly enjoyed his lessons, and would like to thank him for his patience and guiding. The results speak for themselves as I managed to achieve A1 for both A and E math in the 2017 GCE O Levels.

Wong Shyan Yong

Anglo Chinese School (Independent)

When I first started Amath tuition in Mr Loi’s class, I didn't take the lesson seriously. I always tend to not go for class and until one day I totally stop going for class . Few months before my N levels in 2016, I approached Mr Loi to take me back and he accepted me. I have always been scoring single digits for Amath and during that few months I put in effort to studying Amath and for N Level I got A2. I then went for secondary 5 and continue putting in effort. Finally for O Level I managed to get an A1 for Amath. All thanks to Mr Loi because he did not give up on me and still put in the effort to help me achieve my goal. Thank you Mr Loi
Kassandra Poon
Singapore Polytechnic
Formerly from CHIJ St. Joseph's Convent

Testimonials 2016

Although I have only been taught by Mr Loi for 2 years during my JC period, I am surprised to say that I have learnt 6 years worth of Mathematics from him in this short space of time. To me, that is how effective Mr Loi's lessons are. Mr Loi is a truly capable teacher, as he is able to specifically tackle the individual weaknesses of his students and ensure that our Mathematics grades see an improvement. He always gives us useful tips and advice so as to help us better understand the way to approach Mathematics questions. Despite his strictness, Mr Loi is actually a very caring teacher. He sets high standards for us because he believes that we are able to achieve these standards if we strive hard enough for them. Mr Loi is really well-versed in the A level syllabus for Mathematics, such that I was able to gain confidence in the subject. Eventually in the A level examinations, I was able to achieve an A for Mathematics. Thank you so much for everything Mr Loi!
Natasha Audrey Tang
Raffles Institution
I first met Mr Loi right after I had gotten my PSLE grades. I had attained only a C grade for my PSLE hence why my mum was anxious and enrolled me in Mr Loi’s Math classes early on. I still remember when I first came in, my Math was so bad that every lesson Mr Loi would have to give me + and x table to practice while other students would have started learning algebra. However fast forward to Secondary 3 I was getting As for my Math CONSISTENTLY, so I was offered Additional Math. While at first Mr Loi was practically worried if I would take Additional Math because my foundation for algebra was still weak but he still faithfully walked the journey with me (I remember I was going for 3 to 4 lessons per week at one point because Mr Loi was very concerned for me). In Secondary 5, I did my O levels and Attained 2 A2s for Additional Math and Elementary Math. Both my parents and I were very astonished and baffled. From a student who could not grasp the concept of simple algebra to an A student. Mr Loi deserves all the credit honestly. Mr Loi, 26 letters are truly not enough to express howgrateful I am. Your patience and care has paved the way for me to have a great future ahead! Yes, though Mr Loi may seem overly strict and picky over the smallest of mistakes or presentation methods, it is this very reason that I and so many other students am so blessed in the end. Thank you Mr Loi for being more than a teacher to me. It was almost as if you were my family, watching me grow up from 11 years old to 17, you truly have left an impact in my life no man can deny. Mr Loi does not just teach Math, he teaches character and lifeskills I still apply today! I believe Mr Loi is if not the best Math teacher out there. Not because he is a Math God (although I think He really is) but more than that, it is his particular manner of teaching after years of experience and heart for his students that is absolutely unparalleled. Mr Loi thank you once again for being such a huge game changer in my life! I honestly would not know where I would be today without you. I wish you all the best inyour future endeavours.
Freeman Chua Fu En
Temasek Polytechnic
Formerly from Presbyterian High School
Hi Mr Loi, before I start on anything, I have to thank you for being such a great teacher for the past few years. Even though you were sometimes strict, it was mostly done to make sure that we do not repeat our same mistakes again. The stories that you have shared were always very interesting and have a meaning behind them which I really appreciate. Lessons were no doubt very fun and the practise questions you gave allowed me to understand the topic much better and build a better foundation. Thank you for your efforts and you were really one of the best teachers I have met.
Su Wei Zhe
Hwa Chong Institution

Mr Loi has played an integral role in shaping my fundamental skills in Mathematics through thorough explanations of challenging questions using amusing analogies. He is meticulous in his teachings, he never lets a small mistake run away and he pays close attention to all the details in my weekly homework, sometimes giving valuable advices on how to derive at the same answer using a simpler method. Mr Loi is also unique in a way that he does not reveal the answer directly, but instead steers me in the correct direction and even as such, he would only drop a few hints so that I can think of the solutions by myself. This has helped me to develop of resilient character while doing mathematics, as I no longer depend on others to feed me the answer, but am instead reliant on myself. Mr Loi’s constant guidance has helped me to achieve a huge progression from B4 (in sec 2) to A1 (in sec 4), scoring over 90% in total. Thank you Mr Loi for your teachings!!

Phoenix Gay Xue Ke

Eunoia Junior College

Formerly from CHIJ St Nicholas Girls School

Mr Loi is a warm and friendly teacher who has helped me go a long way in terms of my EMath and AMath grades. Before I went to Mr Loi's classes at the end of Sec 3, I was doing really badly for both my math subjects with an E8 for AMath and B4 for EMath. However, under Mr Loi, I learnt new concepts, cleared up misunderstandings of old ones and I started to have a clearer understanding of Math. Mr Loi did not give up on me but continued to push me and guide me after each test. Gradually, I developed a little more confidence and imporved little by little. In the end, I attained an A2 for AMath and an A1 for EMath. I am really satisfied with my results and extremely grateful. Thank you Mr Loi!
Isabelle Ong
Nanyang Junior College
Formerly from Geylang Methodist Girls School

Testimonials 2015

Mr Loi has been teaching me for almost 3 years now and his lessons are very enjoyable and effective. He customises his lessons based on every students' individual needs instead of just teaching the whole group in general like what previous tuition centres I went to do. He also tries to get to know his students better and tries to make his lessons fun and pleasant, in contrast to the bore and frustration that math brings to the classroom. His teaching style is unique but effective. He never throws the answer in our faces but instead guides us step-by-step and nurtures the skill to take on any math question given. He incorporates basic day-to-day ideas into complex mathematical concepts which makes them simple to understand and easy to remember, a very useful technique when it comes to combatting the enemy known as math. Mr Loi is probably the reason why my math grades jumped from a D7 to an A1 of over 90%. I'm not good with words but I would like to thank Mr Loi for giving his utmost best at teaching his students the subject which he has overflowing passion for but most students have an eternal grudge against. Thanks Mr Loi 😁 for teaching me math.
Ooi Min Hui
Hwa Chong Institution
Formerly from Nanyang Girls High School   

Before I went to Mr Loi's classes at the end of Sec 3, I had a constant F9 for AMath throughout the year and was always struggling to keep up with school lessons. However, after attending Mr Loi's tuition classes, things changed for the better. Mr Loi's neverending support and encouragement helped me to gain confidence in the subject I once feared. Mr Loi explains and gives his students the opportunity to think and attempt the question, instead of simply giving the answers. With Mr Loi's unwavering dedication, my grades had improved tremendously. From a miserable F9 to an astonishing A2 for AMath, and A1 for Emath at the O Levels. Without Mr Loi's guidance, I wouldn't have been able to attain these grades . Thank you Mr Loi!

Alicia Teo

Anglo Chinese Junior College

Formerly from CHIJ (Toa Payoh)

From Secondary 3 onwards, I have been relying on myself for studying math. I thought I was coping fine until after the Mid Year Examinations during Secondary 4. I got U for both my math modules and I started to worry about not being able to qualify for H2 math in JC. Then a friend introduced me to Mr Loi and I started lessons from the June Holidays 2015. Even though there was only a short period of 4 months between starting tuition and my exams, Mr Loi managed to help me understand the topics I was unsure of in Semester 1, and managed to help me in all the topics I was weak in. He is a strict teacher and never wants me to give up, and after getting a question wrong he will make me try and try again until I get it right with very minimal help, and never giving the answer. Within this short period of time my grades went from U to B and I managed to qualify for H2 math in JC. I feel so grateful to him for saving my math grades and allowing me to like the subject better.

Ng Kai Bin

National Junior college

Mr Steven Loi is, without a doubt, a strict maths teacher. When I first came to him in January of the year of my O levels, my Amaths was at a grade of C6. Although I thought I knew the concepts of the topics I was learning, when I was under Mr Loi's guidance I realized that I had many loopholes in my concepts and the way I apply them to solving questions. Under Mr Loi's strict but extremely effective teaching Amaths became a subject that I feared less as I could understand it better.
Mr Loi uses methods, although seemingly dry and boring, that are effective and of which are the ways he has concluded would be the best for learning a certain topic. For example, when I was learning trigonometry, at the start of every lesson , he would ask of me to write out all the formulas. Initially I thought that this was redundant. However, I eventually came to realize how useful it can be to know them especially when applying them; even now, months after the exam, I can still remember them!
Mr Loi is a very dedicated teacher, he is always willing to sacrifice his time to provide lessons especially when the exam period is nearing. After around 5 months of his tutoring, I achieved A1 in my preliminary one examinations. It may sound unbelievable but it truly was Mr Loi's harsh and strict teaching that made me improve by leaps and bounds. I remember making sure that every question I did was close to perfection and in doing so I became very focused while doing my homework and through much practice, i improved in the subject.
Now, while I am studying my A Levels, everything that Mr Loi had taught me and given me tips on, I can still remember and it is definitely helping me breeze through my course. I would like to give Mr Loi a big Thank You for helping me through my O levels and helping me achieve my A1 in both Amaths and EMaths. He is the rare type of teacher who urges you and pushes you to your potential, a truly wonderful teacher. Thank you Mr Loi!

Formerly from Cedar Girls School

Legend wait for it dary. Legendary

This is what I would describe Mr Loi as.
I remember before coming to Mr Loi's tuition I use to do algebra by using the trial and error method on my calculator.

Mr Loi is like what ra's al ghul is to batman. He trained me, built my mathematical foundation which was the turning point in my life. He raised my math level to nothing less of godlike (in my honest opinion). I achived an A* in mathematics and additional mathematics in igcse. My mathematical foundation is rock solid because of him and has led me to achieve a grade A in Maths at A level. I became a math god, receiving the maths award at the end of my A level. People always ask me how did I get so good at math. And I will always preach about Mr Loi's tuition centre, how I looked dreaded to do every math question Mr Loi has given me. But trust me I did not feel this way. I appreciate every hard question he threw at me. He made me enjoy maths. I don't know how to thank him. All I could say is thank you Mr Loi.

Boom Kritchanon

Formerly from Bishan Park Secondary School

Dear Mr Loi, A very big thank you for helping me in my A Math. Before joining your lessons I had always been scoring a F9 for my A Math, but you didn’t give up on me and continued to teach me patiently, which made me constantly improve. You were a really friendly and funny teacher but had effective teaching methods and practice questions, and also knew when to be serious while teaching. Through your hard work and efforts, I have gotten an A2 for my O Level despite a C5 for prelims. I am truly thankful to you and the tuition centre for guiding me through this path. You are the best tuition teacher I’ve ever had. Stay cheerful always!

Formerly from St Patrick School

Mr Loi is an extremely dedicated teacher. I enrolled into his class after my secondary 3 end of year exams having failed my A maths, scoring only an E8 and a B3 for my E maths. In the first few lessons Mr Loi already spotted out why I was doing so badly – I thought that my mistakes were just careless mistakes but Mr Loi said that my careless mistakes were due to my presentation. He corrected my presentation and taught me how to avoid making such mistakes in the future. This was something none of my teachers ever pointed out to me before and I am glad that he did so even though I did not like following his methods initially. By following his methods, I managed to cut down on the number of mistakes made that I would normally attribute to me just being careless (which makes up the bulk of my mistakes) while it was in fact due to my messy presentation. Mr Loi also uses easy to remember analogies and examples to teach and makes understanding the topics so much easier. Attending his lessons really helped me improve both my A maths and E maths grades, and I managed to score A1 for both my A maths and E maths for my ‘O levels’. Thank you Mr Loi for teaching me so well!

Zhi Long

Hwa Chong Institution

Formerly from Catholic High School

Testimonials 2014

In Secondary 3, I didn’t have a math tutor, causing me to fail A Math straight in Sec 3 with D7 and below on pretty much all my common tests and quizzes. Even my E math suffered, always struggling to pass with a highest grade of B4. After seriously flunking the end of year exam, my parents and I decided that for me to improve, I would require a math tutor. After contacting and trying various tutors that were unsatisfactory, we finally found Mr Loi.

Not only did Mr Loi agree to make special arrangements for me to receive one-to-one private tuition from him instead of group tuition, something he had never done before, he also agreed to come to my home for the lessons twice a week! Eventually, when I had to move house, I suggested going to his center for the lessons. There, I found out that Mr Loi had been extending his working hours after he closed his center to teach me, as there are no other students left in the center when I arrive. Although this caused him to work longer hours and earn less, he still tutored me seriously and sincerely, without compromise, and this inspired me as well, to work harder so as not to waste his efforts.

Mr Loi’s style of changing the lesson to suit the students’ needs is unlike many other tutors who force their students to adapt to them instead. He listens to the student’s analysis of their weakness and strengths, and coaches them using a unique strategy. This made me feel more like a student rather than part of a commercial business. Not only is this style of teaching more friendly and adaptable, it has been proven to be very effective as well. In just 1 month of attending Mr Loi’s lessons, I had improved from a D7 in A math in my Sec 3 EOY, to an A1 in my Sec 4 common tests! I was surprised and happy that our hard work paid off, but I couldn’t have done it without Mr Loi.

After this success, Mr Loi continued to tutor me twice a week, causing me to become an expert on the content by the start of the prelims, and training me to a stage where I could do any problem with ease. In Sec 3, I never would have imagined myself to be able to become so proficient in math to the point that it was like eating and breathing to me, however, in Sec 3, I didn’t know Mr Loi.

Thank you Mr Loi for all that you have done for me, allowing me to miraculously go from a D7 in Sec 3 to a double A1 in both E and A math in the 2014 ‘O’ levels. I couldn’t have done it without you, and I am very lucky to have you as my tutor. Thank you again.

Isaac Chu

National Junior College

Formerly from St Joseph’s Institution

I started learning Math under Mr Loi at the end of Sec 1. Under his patient guidance, I have gained a lot more confidence in Math, a subject I have always hated. From a student who struggles to complete a Math assignment, Mr Loi has changed me to one who finds thrills in working out the solution to a tough question.

Mr Loi has never been one who spoon-feeds answers to his students, instead, he opts for a step-by-step approach to guide his students, to allow them to see their own mistakes and work out the solutions on their own. This style of teaching has integrated in me a strong sense of independent learning, and not constantly relying on help to solve questions. Being extremely experienced, he is also aware of the common misconceptions and mistakes students have in certain topics and takes extra care to address them so that students do not commit them. Furthermore, attending Mr Loi’s math lessons has never been boring as he likes to use interesting examples to explain concepts and formulas to make it easier for his students to remember them.

I remember when I first joined his class, he had asked me to indicate which topics I was weak in, and from there, he had helped me clear my misconceptions topic by topic, as well as building up my foundation in Algebra. With a stronger foundation, I started making fewer mistakes and getting higher marks for class tests and assignments. All in all, Mr Loi has been a great tutor and I have improved tremendously under him. Thank you for teaching me for the past 3 years!

Leon Chin

Raffles Institution

Mr Loi has been helping me tremendously with my maths results ever since Secondary 2. At Secondary 2, I failed my mid year exams extremely badly, with an F9 and bottom 20% of the cohort. It was then when my parents decided to sign me up for tuition, and my maths grade has been improving ever since. Mr Loi’s teaching methods have helped me build a strong foundation for maths, and he pushes me to do my very best in the subject. It is not the usual school method of questions and answers provided side-by-side, but rather learning from our mistakes, and searching for the solutions independently. This method helps me learn even more effectively and efficiently, as I would be able to learn how to craft my own methods for solving any unusual questions. Also, he teaches us about the importance of checking our work for careless mistakes, with various checking methods for different topics. Overtime I’m able to easily pick out my mistakes without much prompting, and it evidently helped alot in the O’s, as I was able to efficiently pick out any careless mistakes and correct them on the spot. Thanks to Mr Loi, I’m able to finally obtain my double A1 in A and E maths in O level. Thanks again for not only improving my grades, but also changing my perspective of my once dreaded subject. 
Chua Jia En
Meridian Junior College
Formerly from School of Science and Technology

I am indebted to Mr Loi for enabling me to achieve the results I have obtained in my 'O' Levels. I was originally a F9 students in my Additional Math subject and was clueless as to even the simplest of topics within the subject. However, through Mr Loi's guidance, I was finally able to clear up any misinterpretations or any doubts I had on the subject and solve the problems with utmost confidence. What I felt most regrettable about was that I had only met Mr Loi about 3-4 months prior to my 'O' Levels. However, he did not give up hope and continued to teach me. However, these few lessons with Mr Loi had not been vained as I made a steady recovery and resulted in a jump of 6 grades, resulting in a B3 score in Additional Math. If I had only met Mr Loi earlier, I am sure that I would have done much better. Once again, I would like to thank Mr Loi sincerely for the help that he has rendered me.

Vernier Low

Temasek Polytechnic

Formerly from Hai Sing Catholic School

It is my opinion that Mr Loi is one of the rarity of teachers that truly excels in the art of teaching. Knowledgeable and experienced, he has provided many students with the "perfect education", expertly basing his teachings on the right balance of informed guidance and independent learning. While he will always help us find the solution to our mathematical troubles through explanation of the basic principles and suggestion, he will always focus on self-directed learning, encouraging us to find our own way of applying what we have learnt to the problem at hand. He has never directly given us the answer to any question, but his teaching style ensures he never has to- We usually figure out the answers from understanding his teachings.
Thanks to Mr Loi, I have made tremendous improvement. Finding mathematics tiresome and tedious, I used to fail my math exams in Secondary One. However, I have gradually learnt to embrace the challenges of math and enjoy the "hunt" for the solution to difficult questions. It is this change in mindset that his teachings had brought about that eventually allowed me to get A1s for both Mathematics and Additional Mathematics in O level examinations. Thank you Mr Loi!
Tay Liane Penelope
Raffles Institution
Formerly from CHIJ(Toa Payoh)

Dear Mr Loi, thank you for teaching me both A and E maths for the past two years. I entered your class with a very weak fundemental where I would have many careless mistakes and have a lot of misconceptions the topics I've learnt. After being with you for 2 years, you taught me concepts that are not only easy to understand but also easy to remember. I've seen improvements in both of my mathematics where I wouldn't get any more then a B3 in school to getting A2s in my O level exminations. I really I want to thank you for constantly drilling me with many different types of questions in class and constantly reminding me to check my work due to the constant careless mistakes I make. I'm grateful to be your student for two years and I hope that there will be future opportunities to be taught under your hands again. May you be blessed with good health.

Terrence Shee

Yishun Junior College

Formerly from Pei Hwa Secondary School

Testimonials 2013

Thank you Mr Loi for tutoring me math these 3 years. There has been rough times seen in my grades from the beginning and I did not know whether I would even survive the International Baccalaureate exam! However, under your tutelage, I have gained much confidence in HL Math, with the rigorous and consistent homework and step by step practice from the very basics to build up my foundation. From your lessons, the focus on the basic skills in each topic is perhaps what made me able to progress rather fast, because the foundation is easy to learn, but hard to maintain. In any case, it has been an enjoyable journey throughout these 3 years, and a clear reminder for me - Don’t skip steps if you cannot! :D  
Norvin Lew
School Of The Arts

Mr Loi is a highly dedicated and meticulous tutor. My daughter started tuition with him with extremely poor grades. I was very worried that she cannot pass her O levels. However, under his systematic coaching, drilling and redrilling of fundamentals, and lots of patience, my daughter eventually scored a distinction in A Maths for her Os. This is amazing and also a testimony of his dedication and professionalism. Super thanks, Mr Loi.

Mrs Koh, Chelsea Koh's Mom

Tampinese Junior College

Formerly from Crescent Girls' School

I joined Mr Loi's class when I was in secondary two. My math was average back then and math wasn't the subject I wanted to do in future. However, after joining his class, my mindset on math changed, its more than just math, he gave examples, ways to learn and many interesting concepts on math which did make sense in life. His explanations are clear and his way of teaching is so unique because he actually FORCES his students to find where went wrong. Indeed, that teaching method actually made me remember my mistakes and know what to look out when I had it wrong. After joining his class for about 2 months, I had my first CA in school and I scored an A for math and for my entire secondary school life, I always get an A1, nothing other than that. Hence, I would like to thank Mr Loi for such a wonderful time and memory he shared during his class. Thank you Mr Loi.

Nicholas Lee

Singapore Polytechnic

Formerly from Serangoon Secondary School

Mr Loi has been the best math tutor I’ve had since I started math tuition in Secondary 2. I joined his class at the end of Secondary 3, right after I had gotten a string of C5s for Additional Mathematics and decided that my tutor then was not working out for me. I remember when I first came into his class, he sat me down and told me to rank my understanding of each math topic, after which he began to iron out each topic bit by bit. This was very effective in helping me rebuild my foundation in AMath that was at the time very weak, and Mr Loi also managed to fix some problems that I myself was not aware of! Under his guidance, I managed to pull my AMath grades up to successive A1s, and maintain my A1 grade for EMath – all within the first semester of Secondary 4! Thanks to Mr Loi, I also managed to get A1s for both Maths during the O Levels. Words would not be able to properly convey my gratitude towards him. Thank you so so so so so much!

Cheryl Lew

St Joseph Institution

Formerly from Singapore Chinese Girls' School

Mr Loi is an exceptional and unique maths teacher. I first enrolled in his class with a constant F9 for A maths. My final goal for both maths were A1 and he knew it. Mr Loi's number one rule was to never shower his students with answers. But thanks to him I was always able to feel the sense of accomplishment whenever I solved a tedious maths question. His method of teaching also nurtured a new character within me. I started loving maths a lot and became willing to spend hours just doing maths questions. Now I'm even willing to help my friends solve their maths questions! As the days to O lvls drew near, I begin asking Mr Loi more and more questions each lesson. But he's always patient and enthusiastic in helping me solve each and every one of it. He made sure I was ready for the final day - the day of O lvls. I owe Mr Loi much gratitude and thanks as he helped me achieve what I thought was impossible - A1s for both E and A maths. Thank you Mr Loi!

Annabel Tay Jie Xuan

Nanyang Junior College

Formerly from Nan Hua High School

I joined Mr Loi's class at Secondary 4 with a fail in Math. However, Mr Loi didn't give up on me and in fact helped me to cover the topics that I didn't understand from Secondary 3. With his guidance and support, we managed to cover the entire syllabus and even went into more in-depth questions. I'm glad that I had the opportunity to be tutored by Mr Loi as he gives us interesting examples to help us understand the different formulas better. In just 6 months, I managed to get A1 for my prelim math paper followed by my N levels. I greatly appreciate Mr Loi's time and effort and I wouldn't have made such a great improvement without his help. Thank you Mr Loi!

Germaine Ng

Nanyang Polytechnic

Formerly from CHIJ (Toa Payoh)

Mr Loi is a very patient and engaging tutor. He has always encouraged his students to be more indecent and though the process is sometimes frustrating, it was more rewarding and we throughly benefit well from it :) His teaching has really helped me and I appreciate the fact he sometimes goes the extra mile to advise me, contributing not only to my understanding of mathematics but also to my personal growth. Therefore I highly recommend him as a tutor, if you are looking for one. Thank you!

Nicole Goh

Raffles Institution

Formerly from Crescent Girls' School

Testimonials 2012

When I first joined Mr Loi’s class in secondary one, I entered as a student who hated Math my whole life and was never able to do well in the subject. However, by the end of the year, not only did I score an A1 but also started having a strong liking for Math! The practices he gives and methods he possesses always made memorizing formula so much easier! In secondary 3, I participated in an immersion program where I would be staying in China for 6 weeks. Mr Loi was worried that I would not be able to catch up with the syllabus when I get back and did what I never would have expected. HE VOLUNTEERED TO GIVE ME HOME TUITION BEFORE I LEFT. He would give me tuition at 7 pm all the way to 9 pm sometimes a little later despite already teaching for a whole day. I really really want to thank him for being so willing to sacrifice his rest time. He really is the best tutor I have ever had in my entire schooling life. Thank you for helping me get my A1s for both Additional Math and Elementary Math!!!

Leck Wan Qing

National Junior College

Formerly from Chung Cheng (Main) High School

Mr Loi is the best A Math tutor I’ve ever had the pleasure of learning from. His strategies of teaching are very different from what I’m taught in school but they are proven to be superior and extremely effective. My teacher told me after receiving my mid-year results that I was unlikely to pass O Levels but thanks to Mr Loi not only did I prove him wrong, I managed to get a distinction. Mr Loi is quite a funny teacher as with his jokes in class, he is always one to liven the mood and makes his lessons interesting. Although I take an hour to get to the tuition centre, the lessons always make the journey worthwhile. He helped me to improve my C6 to an A2 in a matter of months. I’m very thankful to have found the centre by chance and glad to have made the decision to call the number and found such a great tutor. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have done as well as I managed to do in the O levels. Thanks again Mr Loi!:)

His Grateful Student,

Joseph Ng

Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Formerly from St Patrick’s School

I want to thank Mr Loi for constantly helping me throughout these 4 years, especially when I didn’t do well. Whenever I came across a really difficult problem and couldn’t solve it, Mr Loi would force me to think harder until I solved it. He taught me to think about the problem instead of giving me the answers and it really helped me a lot. Thanks to Mr Loi, I’ve got a really good foundation for math and he always tested me on the formulas every lesson so it’s drilled into my brain! I usually got Bs and Cs for both maths but for Os I got A2 for emath and amath! So thank you Mr Loi for being such an awesome tutor :-)

Teri Foong

Serangoon Junior College

Formerly from Tanjong Katong Girls’ School

Hi Mr Loi

Mathematics was always my most dreaded subject. I had lost all hope of doing well in my IGCSEs until a friend recommended Mr Loi to me. He got me from a grade C in my mocks to an amazing grade A in my IGCSE. He is extremely patient and very thorough with the concepts starting right from the foundation of each topic. With him I have learnt to understand and appreciate mathematics a lot better and I have gained confidence in a subject I was weakest at. Thank you Mr. Loi!

Aditi Timbadia

St Joseph International School

Hello Mr Loi! :)

I am really grateful for the grades I got for my O levels. If it weren’t for you I would never have gotten an A2 for both Amaths and Emaths! I used to be an F9/E8 student. I only wished for a passing grade!!! It was your scoldings that pushed me on. You made me do lots of Maths(A/E), more than what I had done in school. It was tiring and super rush for us as I only joined you in April, but thanks to you, I made it. Thank you Mr Loi! It was a right decision to be tutored by you. Thank you!!!!!!!

P/S I cant thank you enough!


Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Formerly from Henderson Secondary School

Mr Loi is incredible at teaching Maths concepts and principles. His teaching has led me to learn Maths with more energy and enthusiasm. I moved from being easily confused to concept mastery, and found application getting by the minute under Mr Loi. Thanks for the past guidance, Mr Loi!

Jessica Setiadi

Catholic Junior College

Formerly from Coral Secondary School

Hi Mr Loi

Thanks very much for your effort in helping Teng Kiat in achieving such fantastic result in maths! Appreciate it very much! As such, would appreciate if you could continue to coach Teng Kiat in his A level maths.

Mrs Ang, Teng Kiat’s mom

Anglo Chinese Junior College

Formerly from St Joseph Institution

Testimonials 2011

I like to thank Mr Steven Loi for helping me in my maths, especially A-Maths, cuz I suck at it initially. He likes to let us solve the problems ourselves, which is good! Thanks to him, my A-Maths, normally E8-D7 in school, improved to B3 in my O-levels. Thanks alot Mr Loi!

Chen Xin Hao

Temasek Polytechnic

Formerly from Anderson Secondary School

MR STEVEN LOI’s ability to handle and answer multiple students’ questions; his work ethic that won’t quit and his full understanding and grasp of Mathematics are the skills and qualities that come to mind when I think of him. I enrolled in his class in Secondary 2 and being an underachiever, who disliked Mathematics, I found the subject vastly confusing and my grades left much to be desired. Lessons with Mr Loi changed that - his lessons made each topic simple, direct and to-the-point. This made those mathematical concepts much easier to grasp, hence giving me the firm foundation that I needed, which then gave me the confidence to handle the subject. With just 3 months of lessons with Mr Loi, coupled with worksheets and a multitude of questions, my mathematics grade improved from a mere C6 to an A2 in Secondary 2 – a great achievement for someone who started out failing the subject! Under his patient guidance and strategic methods of teaching, I went on to achieve an A1 for both A and E Math in Secondary 3 and 4. In addition, Mr Loi is always friendly and approachable, and occasionally spices the lesson with jokes and laughter. Thank you for being a teacher like you are and I hope you will continue doing what you do best and be a blessing to many others like myself!

Bryan Lim

Anglo Chinese Junior College

Formerly from Bishan Park Secondary School

After starting lessons with Mr Loi in June, I was able to understand why my Additional & Elementary Mathematics grades were consistently unsatisfying and worrying. The constructive feedback Mr Loi gave after reviewing my work were extremely helpful and lessons were productive. Hope and confidence in the possibility of finally doing well in both subjects we rekindled. Being honest, direct and blunt, Mr Loi didn’t paint fancy pictures and possibilities, but encouraged me to face facts and work hard for success.

I am truly fortunate and lucky to have found such a dedicated and hardworking Mathematics tutor such as Mr Loi at such a crucial time in my graduating year! Thanks, Mr Loi!                   

Melissa Lee

Meridian Junior College

Formerly from Tanjong Katong Girls’ School

During my secondary 3 year, I’ve had to face many new challenges with the introduction of new subjects. 1 of the subjects is A Maths. At that time I was unsure of whether I could even pass, but with the guidance of my A Maths tutor Mr Loi I had full confidence of scoring an A1 in the O levels. His methods were entirely relevant and catered to my style of learning. His moral support also made me determined to prove myself to be a top scorer in my school. Sure enough, my teachers were surprised at the rate I was improving on one of the most difficult subjects in school. Beforehand, my grades mostly ranged between Bs and Cs. But under his guidance, I managed to score As for almost every test given.

Besides being a good teacher, Mr Loi is also a friend to all whom he mentors. He frequently makes an effort to connect with his students such that they too will be motivated to do their best. Aside from this, he has vast knowledge about how secondary and junior college math techniques which in passing down to me gave me an edge my other classmates did not have. Indeed I would not be where I am today if not for his work.

Bryan Lai

Anglo Chinese Junior College

Formerly from Gan Eng Seng School

I want to thank my mathematics tutor, Mr Loi. Since secondary one my math has been very weak and very often, my math exams results were F9s. I was extremely worried about my math for my GCE O levels in 2008, But thanks to his fun, professional and most effective lessons I am able to miraculously obtain a pass in merely 4 months’ time. My mother and I would like to express our deepest gratitude to him through this testimonial. And lastly to my dear teacher and also friend, Mr Loi, I did it! =)

Johnny Toh Yu Hui

Marsiling Secondary School

Indeed my math has improved since coming for Mr Loi’s lessons because he was really very approachable and gave us lots of opportunities to ask questions and clarify our doubts. The class size is also quite appropriate as a small group of 4-5 helps facilitate discussions as well as makes learning more effective. Overall, the lessons were really interesting and the practices given truly help to supplement what is taught in school. Hence, ultimately, I did relatively well for my A levels after attending the lessons for a few months.

Lim Tze Kai

Nanyang Junior College